Do you know the difference between “content marketing” and “content SEO”?

Even if you are aware of the difference, you may forget to forget about the difference while doing various web marketing measures. However, it is important to note that confusion between content marketing and content SEO can sometimes cause major failures.

Definition of content marketing and content SEO

By simply organizing each objective, content marketing is “to make good relationships with users over the medium to long term by providing useful contents to the user at an appropriate timing”, and content SEO is “good content To improve the SEO and increase the influx to its site “. Although it seems that the difference is clear and confusing when it is organized like this, it seems that it often happens that the ideas of both parties mix in while not being noticed at the practical level.

Target difference

The difference between content SEO and content marketing is not just the definition of words. Content SEO will mainly target prospective customers who are aware of their own needs such as searching for keywords. On the other hand, content marketing targets a wide range of potential customers from potential prospects to existing customers who are not yet aware of their needs. In this way, content SEO and content marketing often have different target targets in many cases.

Confusion of purpose and target leads to failure

Content marketing is a concept that encompasses content SEO. Therefore, it is not necessarily a mistake to do content SEO as part of content marketing.

However, in content marketing, it is necessary to plan and execute what layer from potential prospects to existing customers, at what timing and what kind of content should be provided, so that content SEO and It is necessary to be aware that the timing at which the effect appears differs easily.

If you forget this, for example if you are using the same KPI for measuring the effects of both, it is likely to cause misunderstandings that content SEO does not show the effect though you are doing content marketing. To the contrary, if you focus on content SEO, the purpose of content marketing is achieved is not necessarily the case.

If you feel that neither content marketing nor content SEO is working well, organize the difference between purpose and target and then consider what kind of content should be created for each measure And good.