Knowing more about successful email marketing strategies is very important for any modern business. Today, any business that wants to remain afloat the market has to embrace different online marketing methods. Email marketing is one of the major marketing disciplines that started in the 1990s. Over the years, the discipline has seen a lot of changes as people and businesses advances in technology. Traditional email marketing strategies that were effective when it started are now becoming irrelevant.

Current businesses have to embrace a more attractive and definite approach that is not annoying to the target audience. Perhaps, this is why modern day marketing executives of any business have to learn more about successful email marketing strategies. Studies have revealed that when ordinary strategies are used in email marketing, 60 percent of subscribers will always ignore these emails. Therefore, email marketers have to ignore batch-blast approach. This strategy no longer works because subscribers have their inbox overflowing with irrelevant messages. They do not have time to read them and in most cases, these will be sent to the Spam folder.

There are two major successful email marketing strategies in use today.

The first strategy entails fishing of identical emails in large numbers. These are emails of clients or customers with similar or related needs. These are then analysed through clicks, opens, unsubscribe and conversions. Many marketing campaigns can be handled this way to ensure that only relevant messages are sent to customers and clients.

The second strategy is known referred to as farming. This entails sending relevant and personalised emails to subscribers. The emails are based on behavioural and demographics database information. This makes it possible for businesses and marketers to send personalised messages to single customers. The information suits individual customer’s lifestyle, behavior and preferences. In addition, this strategy makes email marketing interactive. This is because it entails sending of triggered messages. These are able to create interactivity and loyalty. Farming as a strategy of email marketing also ensures retention of a message creating lifetime value. It also enhances segmentation and viral marketing. Perhaps, it can be used as an effective testing strategy in marketing.

The best email marketing strategies are those that allow a marketer to combine online and offline buying history of consumers in a single database. This makes it possible to have an overall picture of individual subscribers. With this knowledge, a marketer can now ask them about their personal knowledge and experiences. With this information a marker can now come up with compelling messages and strategies to market their products. Such messages will have a personal touch because they will be addressing issues raised by individual customers.

By using successful email marketing strategies, a business can achieve personal loyalty among its target customers and clients. This is because email marketing creates a bond between customers and the company. This one-on-one mutual relationship is very important. It enables the company to know exactly what customers want and how to do it to increase sales. This also promotes good relationship between the producers and consumers.