Hosting is the solution you need so as to make your site accessible on the web for the entire world to see. There are many persons who would like to possess their very own web portal, which is the reason why the web hosting business niche is flourishing and pulsing with life.

Sell web hosting solutions, be a part of it!

Why don’t you become a hosting supplier then? What about all the nuisance of renting web hosting servers, billing clients, hiring personnel and going around data centres to determine which one is the most appropriate?, you might ask. No, no, that is not how it works any longer! You can be a web hosting reseller! That’s correct – you can sell the web hosting solutions offered by another web hosting provider, under your personal brand. This method is not novel and has been increasing in popularity as a means to earn decent cash on the side. It can be a major source of revenue for you as well, but that wholly depends on how serious you are about devoting time to finding clients. Yes, finding clients – that is your prime responsibility as a web hosting reseller, even though, depending on the reseller hosting provider you are using, you might have to also set up your website and charge and support your clients yourself.

The most effortless way to become a reseller

There is an opportunity to avoid all that. Ive found it myself only recently and am quite pleased about it. It is a unique Free Reseller Program where you do not have to purchase any of the web hosting services beforehand yourself “ you just register for a reseller hosting account, which offers marketing resources and numerous price and web hosting product modification options. The reseller web hosting solutions provider that offers it is called ResellersPanel. Ive found their technical support staff to be extremely helpful every time Ive experienced any technical predicament.

Reseller Hosting

ResellersPanel permits you to resell all their hosting solutions from shared hosting packages to dedicated servers. They also offer semi-dedicated and virtual private web hosting servers (VPSs). With their VPS web server hosting packages and dedicated server hosting accounts they give you three hosting CPs and a free-of-charge invoicing software platform  ClientExec. They activate it for you as soon as you demand it, because it cannot be automatically installed without certain extra details required from you.


The best part about their hosting reseller scheme, however, is that there are no limitations as to how much you can sell. There are no web content space or bandwidth quota restrictions, there are no limitations on the number of customers you can keep. You are like a doorway through which customers rush in a boundlessly large diner and begin ordering whatever dish they wish “ the battery in the kitchen will supply everything that’s on the menu for each and every guest that comes in.

I still have a cPanel web hosting reseller account with another reseller web hosting solutions provider, but think to move it over to ResellersPanel, since they offer a cPanel reseller web hosting program as well. Up until now, they have managed to provide me with a fabulous client support service and I think that my shared hosting, VPS web hosting server, semi-dedicated hosting web server and dedicated hosting web server clients will receive a similar kind of professional help. The cPanel clients, however, remain my obligation, so I am intent on migrating them over to a non-cPanel hosting platform in order to focus more on the marketing angle.

Addendum: Web Hosting in Australia

There are a number of options when it comes to web hosting in Australia. There are some very high quality Australian web hosts, but there are a number of overseas companies that have servers and staff in Australia. And then, of course, you can just use U.S.-based servers – we’re talking about the “internet” after all! The choices can seem overwhelming, but we’ve recently spoken to the team at Host Search who are currently in the process of building out a directory of all the hosting options in Australia.

Last updated: August 26th, 2019